Health and Nutrition

Health Equipment

Cervical cancer screening

This is a flagship intervention wherein Angel of Hope Foundation has partnered with the Ministry of Health and Child Care to providing awareness and Free Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening through a mobile outreach clinic. This partnership has resulted in effectively tripling the number of women screened, treated and referred. The Foundation responds to calls for the services by targeting remote areas and events where large numbers of clients can be reached for high impact at minimum cost.

AOH Cancer Screening
AOH Cancer Screening
AOH Cancer Screenin
AOH Cancer Screening

Rehabilitation of health facilities and supply of medical equipment and medicines

Through strategic partnerships with the private sector and donor community, Angel of Hope Foundation has managed to renovate health facilities mainly in rural settings and secure medical equipment and consumables. The medical supplies were donated to some operating theatres and intensive care units in the country – in both rural and urban settings. These included essential diagnostic equipment specifically for use in resource limited settings. This is an on-going intervention given that the need for rehabilitation and restocking of supplies is immense and continuous.

Nutrition interventions

The Foundation provides nutrition packs to pregnant women attending pre-natal clinics, lactating mothers participating in nutrition education and children under the age of five. Malnutrition is not caused by food shortages, but by inappropriate child feeding practices, inadequate childcare, and health problems; mothers or caregivers of under 5 children participating in a growth promotion program will be educated on feeding, caring, hygiene and health seeking practices. Angel of Hope Foundation has also supported institutions such as orphanages, schools and health facilities with comprehensive packages for the institutions to be self-sufficient in providing their clients with nutritious food from gardens set up.


Angel of Hope Foundation responding to the unfolding and extended drought situation in Zimbabwe by drilling and equipping boreholes in rural and urban locations that are in need of water supply. Existing borehole that need refurbishment are also considered. Water treatment chemicals are being distributed as an integral part of the intervention for preventive measures against water borne diseases. The needs identification process is guided by existing knowledge resources through the national, provincial and district Water, Sanitation and Hygiene working groups made up of UN agencies, NGOs, CBOs, Civil Society and Government Departments or Line Ministries.