First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa thanks the elderly women who donated groundnuts at Zimbabwe House on Monday. — Picture: John Manzongo

First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa’s philanthropic work through her Angel of Hope Foundation continues to inspire the nation, with a group of elderly women from Mudzimu Unoyera Apostolic Sect donating groundnuts for onward distribution to the needy.

Amai Mnangagwa’s efforts have not gone unnoticed as the group from Mashonaland Central has hailed her motherly love saying she has done so much for the country.

Through her foundation, the First Lady is doing a lot in uplifting the lives of unfortunate members of the society and she has left no stone unturned in ensuring that the elderly, the disabled and other vulnerable groups have access to food.

Speaking after handing over the donation, the women said they saw it prudent to lend a helping hand to the mother of the nation who has been leading from the front in mobilising resources for onward distribution to the less-disadvantaged.

Mrs Patience Chikwaka of Chiweshe, who is a member of the church’s groundnut farming cooperative, said she felt compelled to make the donation after being touched by the First Lady’s works.

“We were happy to come up with this donation after seeing Amai’s work around the country. We always see her making donations on television and this touched our hearts.

“There are orphans, the elderly and the poor out there who need assistance. With these groundnuts, those who are going to benefit can make peanut butter which they can use in pumpkin leaves or porridge for the children. Most traditional meals which the First Lady is encouraging us to consume also need peanut butter to prepare,” she said.

Mrs Veronica Nyakudya (80), who was the eldest among the group, said after receiving good rains last season, she felt she could also play a part in easing the plight of the less-privileged.

“Personally, I was touched by her work and set down with other members so that we could come up with a way to assist our mother. I am impressed by her practical solutions to problems that affect the people and that she personally moves from one place to the other to assist those in need.

“For three years, our groundnuts venture was not yielding much owing to poor rains, but last season’s good rains gave us a good harvest.

“What has made us think of this is her works of looking after the elderly, the poor and orphans. She has dedicated herself to helping the needy and she deserves everyone’s support,” she said.

The same words were echoed by Mrs Roniresi Ngapasare of Mt Darwin.

“We do groundnuts farming at Mudzimu Unoyera and we unanimously agreed to present this gift. We saw her helping and building a home for orphans at Karanda. Amai is also encouraging women to use their hands to succeed and these groundnuts are a result of hard work.

“We can grow tomatoes and other crops and not sit on our hands. This is what our mother is teaching us to do and we thank her for that. She is doing good for the nation and deserves support,” she said.

In accepting the gift, the First Lady said she was truly thankful for the church members’ gesture.

“I am truly thankful that you have thought of me today and have given me these groundnuts. I urge you to keep that good heart because caring for one another is a wonderful thing.

“Thank you so much and there is no gift that is small to Angel of Hope Foundation. Somewhere in our country there will be someone ready to benefit from the things you bring. I thank you heartily for this wonderful gesture.”

“The donation will go a long way as the demand for the presence of Angel of Hope is increasing countrywide. We are grateful for this gesture,” the First Lady said.

Through her foundation, the First Lady has spearheaded various projects across the country that have benefited vulnerable and marginalised communities.

She has been assessing the needs of those communities and helping them through various means, including setting up life-changing income generating projects.

SOURCE: The Herald

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