From left, Gogo Winnie Nyama, Energy Ncube, Mandy Nyama, and John Mapurazi after handing over the donations to Dexter Nyama

IT was all smiles for a Kwekwe man who had both legs amputated due to cancer, after he received a wheelchair donation from a well-wisher.

Dexter Nyama (54) on Amaveni suburb received another wheelchair last year from the first family, President Mnangagwa and Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa after they spotted him by the roadside.

The first family spotted Nyama last year in March when they were going round the city inspecting lockdown adherence by Kwekwe citizens.

They later sent a delegation with a wheelchair and groceries.

The wheelchair has since broken down.

Aspiring Kwekwe Member of Parliament, Energy Dhala Ncube on Saturday handed over the wheelchair and groceries to the Nyama family.

Handing over the donations, Ncube said society should not wait for the President to assist Nyama but should take the lead in securing the welfare of the underprivileged in society.

“Nyama cannot continue waiting for His Excellency (President Emerson Mnangagwa) to come and make another donation. As youth and responsible citizens, we have to play our role and ensure that those living with disabilities are also living a good life,” said Ncube.

Ncube said he was emulating the first family who have a giving hand through Angel of Hope foundation.

‘I have to copy good things from the first family. We surely cannot raise our phones and tell them to come from Harare to make the donation while we are there. We have to fill in their shoes and ensure that people are well taken care of,” he said.

Accepting the donation, Gogo Winnie Nyama, mother to Dexter, thanked Ncube saying the donation had come at a perfect time.

“The donation has come at a perfect time when we were just about to run out of ideas. The wheelchair donated by President Mnangagwa broke down as Dexter travels a lot. But we are so thankful for the donation,” said Gogo Nyama.

Nyama, a former teacher, lost his first leg in 2002 after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Years later, doctors recommended that another leg be removed or risks losing his life.

The news was a bitter pill for Nyama and his family and at times it goes through his mind and he goes violent breaking stuff.

Ncube promised to be there for the family and urged them to call him anytime they needed anything.

Ncube is set to battle it out with Kandros Chikangwe in primary election for Zanu PF to elect a member who will represent the party in the looming by-election.

Kwekwe Central seat fell vacant following the death of Masango Matambanadzo last year.

SOURCE: The Sunday Mail

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